frequently asked questions


What is a doula? What is their role?

Doulas have been serving women through childbirth since ancient times. It is my privilege to continue this sacred tradition and serve you during this time of tremendous change and transition.

Some of the generic descriptions of a doula include, the Greek translation to ‘woman servant’, ‘mothering the mother’ and a birth companion. Some of these descriptions I think are more accurate of what a doula is and what they do :

*providing physical, practical, informational and emotional support. * fostering relationships, seeing you and where you are at, believing in you with no shadow of a doubt as you step into and claim your personal power *using kindness, initiative and professionalism to improve experiences for birthing people and women (Angela Gallo)

I have a wonderful partner/support person, why would I need a doula?

A doula is able to help facilitate the partner/support persons ability to give their support to the birthing person. A doula can support partners to have rest, fuel themselves and take time out as they need. During your postpartum a doula can also assist with ensuring the partner is getting adequate rest and fuelling themselves. If your partner is returning to work in the weeks following your birth, a doula can be an invaluable support as you are all navigating this new way of life.

My medical team are fantastic, why would I need a doula?

The scope of practice of a doula differs greatly to that of your Midwife/OB, as does their capabilities, roles and responsibilities. As a doula I cannot and will not perform any medical task or any medical advice, which your medical team will have covered. A doula takes care of your mind, body and soul provides continuity of support and relationship through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

This is my second (or third or fourth or fifth etc) baby, why would I need a doula?

Depending on your past experiences you are likely to identify how much benefit the support of a doula would be for you! You may have experienced birth trauma and could benefit from having added support as you navigate birth again. Your partner may have struggled with the load of being your sole support person and you could both use extra support.

Having other children can add to the physical, mental and emotion load postpartum. A doula could assist with some basic household tasks- leaving more time for you to be with your children. They could also take care of the baby while you spend valuable time with your children, spend time with children while you get rest or be there to listen as you express all that comes with adding a new babe to the family dynamic!

I don’t want some of the items offered in your package, can I take things out for a reduced price?

My packages and pricing are set in relation to what I identify to be of the most benefit to you. However they are hugely flexible and varying greatly depending on where your needs lie and what kind of support is going to be of the most benefit to you, especially in the postpartum period. So please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your needs!

I want things that you haven’t included in your package, can I have other things included?

Most likely yes! As mentioned above, my packages are almost completely customised to your individual needs. I would love to try and incorporate your requests, depending on my capabilities and scope of practice.

At what stage should I seek to book a doula?

There is no too early or too late time to book with me, the process will just differ slightly depending on where you are at. If you book early then I can lock in your ‘on call’ period and not take any other bookings for that time. If you are nearing your estimate due date and are looking to book me, please get in touch! If I am available and our values align/ we think we might be the right fit for each other, I would love to support you!

What area do you cover?

I am based in Ararat and currently attend births in the immediate area with some availability for Birth and Postpartum support in Ballarat. Get in touch with me and we can discuss if I am available for your area!

Do you attend homebirth’s?

Yes, however you will need to appoint the services of an adequately certified and qualified medical practitioner and be aware of the laws in your area. I would love to support you in this capacity, however I cannot and will not replace medical care nor act beyond my scope of practice.

Do you offer Postpartum Support without Birth Support?

Currently no, however most likely will in the future.

Do you offer Birth Support without Postpartum Support?

No. I strongly believe that Postpartum Support is incredibly important and valuable for the immediate and long term benefits for the birthing person, baby and their family.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I am passionate about people investing in their birth and postpartum experiences and want to help facilitate this for you. I offer a number of payment plans with full payment to made by 35 weeks.

How did you become a doula?

I am doing my doula training through Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training. I made this decision as the content was SO much more comprehensive than any other trainings I have seen. It covers all the basics as well as a lot of self development, activism and advocacy, business skills and contributions from a huge amount of incredible professionals.

The training program is described as a high end, boutique immersive learning experience and is a full spectrum Doula training (not just Birth or Postpartum etc). Focused on equipping you with the necessary perspective, insight, information, tools and strategy, to confidently position you as a dynamo confidante + coach + consultant + gatekeeper + bestie in whichever catalyst moment you choose.