Supporting you in your knowledge, decisions and birthing preparations

Doulas have been serving women through childbirth since ancient times. It is my privilege to continue this sacred tradition and serve you during this time of tremendous change and transition.

Deciding to work with a doula during your pregnancy and birth means that having your baby is not limited to a medical and clinical experience. My role is to be your guide — before, during and after the birth — so we can hold space for you as you travel this life-changing path.

 While I work alongside medical professionals, my first priority is to serve you and ensure you feel comforted and supported through the journey that is birthing your child. What this looks like will be guided by your personal preferences, which we’ll discuss prior to you going into labour.


Throughout the whole process, I trust your instincts, and will offer continuous, non-judgmental support that aligns with your beliefs and desires for bringing your baby into the world.


Who I help

I help women and their families have a meaningful birthing experience.

I currently service Ararat, with some availability for Ballarat and Stawell and other areas of Western Victoria. I can work in birthing centres, private and public hospitals, or in your own home.


How I help

My services include supporting women through pregnancy, during labour and birth, and then during the postpartum period. In particular, I:

·       provide support — physical, practical, informational and emotional;

·       foster a relationship with you by seeing you and where you’re at, believing in you with no shadow of a doubt as you step into and claim your personal power.

  Journeying through pregnancy and birth is a momentous, emotionally-charged and physically empowering yet draining experience, which is why my support continues AFTER you’ve had your baby.


Rest assured that you won’t be forgotten once you’ve done all the hard work. This is when I’ll celebrate you, nourish and pamper you, and help you recover fully.


My story

Like many women, I have many roles — wife, mother, aunty, daughter, sister, friend and doula! All of these are special roles, requiring me to give different parts of myself to different people. But the role of doula is one that requires special skills.

My decision to become a doula came about as a result of my own birthing experiences, which you can read about here.


Contact me to discuss how I can help personalise your birth experience.