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Birth your baby YOUR way (package inclusions and investment guide)
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Let me nurture and support you through your journey of having a baby.


Throughout your pregnancy, we’ll meet to discuss the visions you have for your birthing and postpartum experiences. Taking into consideration your preferences and intuition, along with evidence-based research, we’ll navigate and work out what type of birth would be meaningful to you. This will include strategies and techniques to use during labour, and what your ideals are for a curated postpartum plan.

Labour and Birth

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! We’ve done all the ‘work’ discussing options and assessing which may be the best for you, connecting to your body and baby and trusting in yourself. Now it’s time to embark on the adventure involved in having a baby!

During this time, I’ll provide practical support for you and your support team, as well as hold space for you. I’ll help you implement the strategies and techniques we have prepared during your pregnancy. While you have an enormous amount of support alongside you, this is where you’ll own your birth, through your incredible strength and grace. This is when you’ll bring your precious babe to Earth.


Many mothers are forgotten during the postpartum period. But this is where I celebrate you and all you’ve done. This is where I support you, so you can recover and thrive during this incredible time of change, healing, love and bonding. My support will vary greatly depending upon your situation, and what you want, but it may include:

·       Labour and birth debrief

·       Emotional support

·       Light household duties (e.g. tidying, washing, etc.)

·       Cuddling baby while you rest/eat/shower/breathe!

·       Playing with and supporting older siblings

·       Assistance with meal planning and preparation

·       Basic support with breastfeeding and babywearing

·       Referring you to specialised support.


Useful resources.

I will also give you access to my lending library which contains a wealth of information. And I’ll gift you some resources that you can keep.


Full details about the support I provide, along with my fee schedule are available for immediate download below.



Sound like the kind of birth and support you’d like to have-from pregnancy right through to postpartum? for more information See below for my FREE “Birth your baby YOUR way” download.And then i would love to hear from you x


Birth your baby YOUR way (package inclusions and investment guide)
Name *